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How UVA’s Unique Experiences Inspire Ian Baucom, the University’s Next Provost

Since arriving at UVA in 2014, Ian Baucom has collected an array of experiences and accomplishments while leading the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, the school that is considered UVA’s intellectual core and home to more than 12,000 undergraduate and 1,400 graduate students.

Born to Write: Meet the Undergrad Who Has Already Published Three Fantasy Novels

UVA third-year student E.G. Radcliff knew she liked storytelling long before she could even read or write.


Ken Ono Stars in a New Super Bowl Week Ad Campaign

Feb 09, 2022

Math professor Ken Ono, who has dabbled in film and television over the years, spent two days in New Jersey to answer the profound question: Is 64 less than 80?

Citizen Science Project Nets Major NSF Grant for UVA Biologist

Feb 08, 2022

Could climate change quicken the pace of evolution? Scientists still don’t fully understand the impact of the environment on the evolutionary process, but NSF CAREER award winner Alan Bergland’s work with regional gardeners and the common fruit fly may be the key.

UVA Honors Faculty for Their Research and Scholarship

Feb 01, 2022

UVA's third annual Research Achievement Awards honored faculty pursuing research in areas that range from nanocrystals to international law to muscle signaling, and included 21 honorees from Arts & Sciences.


Hernan Diaz Fiction Reading

Creative Writing Program, Rea Visiting Writer. 5 PM, Tuesday, Feb. 22, 229A Bryan Hall 

Walt Whitman: Poet of Democracy

Democracy Initiative, with Mark Edmundson and Jahan Ramazani. Noon, Friday, Feb. 11, Online 

Once We Were Slaves: A Multiracial Jewish Family in Early America

Jewish Studies Program, 2022 Paul and Dorothy Grob Memorial Lecture on American Jewish Life. 7:30 PM, Thursday, Feb. 17, Online 

New Works Festival

Five one-act plays written, directed, performed, and created by UVA Students. Feb 25 - 28, Helms Theatre

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