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Committee Members

Members 2022-23

This committee deals with broad policies affecting undergraduate education and such specific matters as course changes, new courses, new major programs, degree requirements, and rules governing the academic status of students. For more information, see how to submit a proposal.


CEPC Members (2022-23)

Hanadi Al-Samman, Faculty Chair, MESALC (3rd year)
Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton, Religious Studies (5thyear)
Rebecca Stangl, Philosophy (5th year)
Michelle Kisliuk, Music (4th year)
Elizabeth Hall, French (3rd year)
Jessamyn Manson, Biology (3rd year)
Lorna Martens, German (3rd year)
Thomas Mark, Mathematics (2nd year)
Sara Myers, Classics (2nd year)
Jim La Fleur, History (1st year)
Doug Meyer, WGS (1st year)
Simone Polilo, Sociology (1st year)
Mark Hadley, Administrative Chair, Religious Studies (without term)

Administrative Support


  • Rachel Most, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
  • Mark Hadley, Administrative Chair
  • Judy Updike, College Registrar
  • Laura Hawthorne, University Registrar
  • Sarah Kucenas, Steering Committee
  • Cheryl Carroll, Manager of Academic Compliance
  • Dudley Doane, SUMS/J-Term/ISO
  • Alena Herklotz, Institutional Research
  • Justin Grant, UREG
  • Jasmine Cousins, UREG
  • Tina Kirkaldy, UREG
  • Kelly Robeson, UREG



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