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Committee on Academic Priorities

11 Members (2015-2016)

The Committee on Academic Priorities advises the Dean on long-range planning for Arts & Sciences.  CAP is charged by the Dean to deliberate with the Arts & Sciences community to develop proposals and recommendations to meet the academic needs of Arts & Sciences over the next decade and beyond.  The work of CAP informs the development of emerging strategic priorities, faculty hiring and other resource allocations, and philanthropic priorities. Membership on the committee consists of three Steering representatives selected by Faculty Steering Committee, three Chair/Director representatives selected by the Council of Chairs & Directors, and three faculty appointees selected by the dean. The leadership team of the dean will also be ex officio members of the committee.  

A strong planning effort involves many ideas and initiatives.  Analyzing, framing, potentially integrating, and evaluating these requires a complex and robust process of consultation and deliberation.   To that end, CAP plays many roles: (1) informs, coordinates, and reviews the work of other ad hoc planning groups tasked with exploring particular issues; (2) generates and reviews proposals for major new projects and initiatives; (3) assesses progress in achieving the goals of current initiatives; (4) consults with other standing and elected committees; and (5) recommends priorities and tradeoffs for the allocation and reallocation of resources. The Dean may, to the extent that he or she deems it appropriate, assign additional responsibilities to this committee.


Laura Galloway, Biology (C&D)

Deborah McDowell, Carter Woodson IAAS & English (C&D)

Jeff Olick, Sociology (C&D)

Bruce Holsinger, English (Faculty Rep)

Kelsey Johnson, Astronomy (Faculty Rep)

Kath Weston, Anthropology (Faculty Rep)

Clare Kinney, English (Steering)

Paul Kingston, Sociology (Steering)

Claire Cronmiller, Biology (Steering)

Karen McGlathery, Environmental Sciences (VPR)

Chad Wellmon, German (Curriculum Rep)

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