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General Education Committee (Curriculum Planning)

15 Members (2015-16)

The work of the General Education Committee (Curriculum Planning) builds upon the 2012-2014 work of the Committee on Undergraduate Excellence and their May 2014 Report to the Dean. The CPC is charged with reviewing the existing general education curriculum of years 1 and 2 of undergraduate study, consisting at present of area requirements and competency requirements. This committee will consider best practices in liberal education and make recommendations for innovations and enhancements to the undergraduate curriculum. 


Chad Wellmon, Chair, German

Ed Barnaby, Graduate School of A&S

Linda Columbus, Chemistry

Mark Hadley, Religious Studies

Paul Halliday, History

Jeff Holt, Statistics

Kelsey Johnson, Astronomy

Alison Levine, French

Todd Sechser, Politics

James Seitz, English

Hank Shugart, Environmental Sciences

Katya Makarova, Sociology

Rachel Most, Anthropology and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs

Juliet Trail, Dean's Office

Bruce Williams, Media Studies 

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