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A&S Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Enhancing the diversity and inclusiveness of the Arts & Sciences community, our academic mission, and the research and scholarship that we pursue is essential to broadening and deepening our perspectives, discoveries, and horizons. It is necessary for our students to flourish, for the flourishing of the common good, and for the advance of scholarship and understanding.

In short, diversity is critical for A&S in its pursuit of excellence, and our goal is to embed diversity considerations across every mission area of the school. This approach is being used to address the need to enhance diversity and inclusion at every level.

Since joining the College in the summer of 2014, Dean Ian Baucom has consulted with and charged various stakeholders with the collaborative planning and implementation of these efforts, engaging students, staff and faculty in the development of recommendations, initiatives, and strategies that will support and enhance diversity and inclusion across A&S.







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