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2021 Arts & Sciences Teaching Awards

May 20, 2021 |

Arts & Sciences faculty and graduate students were well-represented on the University of Virginia’s list of teaching and public service award winners for this academic year. Three A&S faculty members — Louis Bloomfield (Physics); Mrinalini Chakravorty (English); and Carmen Lamas (English, American Studies) — received All-University Faculty Teaching Awards, and 22 other faculty members and graduate students were recognized by UVA or the UVA Student Council this academic year.

All-University Faculty Teaching Award

  • Louis Bloomfield, Physics
  • Mrinalini Chakravorty, English
  • Carmen Lamas, English and American Studies


Public Service Award

  • Excellence in Public Service: Talitha LeFlouria, African American and African Studies
  • Excellence in Public Service: Victor Luftig, English
  • Excellence in Public Service: Kate Stephenson, English


Graduate Student Teaching Awards

  • Class of 1985 Fellowship for Creative Teaching: Christina Boltsi, Classics
  • Frank Finger Graduate Fellowship for Teaching: Joseph Foley, History
  • Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award in the Arts and Humanities: Sam Walker, English
  • Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award in Social Sciences and Education: Shayne Zaslow, Sociology

Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award in STEM Disciplines

  • Liza Mitchem, Biology


All-University Graduate Teaching Awards 

  • Sana Abdi, French
  • Grace Alvino, English
  • Rachana Bhave, Biology
  • Grace East, Anthropology
  • Essam Fahim, Religious Studies
  • Kelsey Huelsman, Environmental Sciences
  • Peter Johnson, Mathematics
  • Paola Monteros-Freeman, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
  • Najee Olya, Art and Architectural History
  • Kevin Rose, Religious Studies
  • Daniel Sunshine, History
  • Courtney Watts, English


UVA Student Council Teaching Award

  • Trenton Merricks, Philosophy
  • Sarah Milov, History
  • Brad Reed, History

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