Woodrow Wilson

Department of Politics


James Todd

Jim practiced law in Washington, DC, for ten years (1971-1981), three in private practice, and the last seven with the Interstate Commerce Commission. He resigned from his government job and moved to Charlottesville in 1982 to pursue his Ph.D. in our department under the mentorship of Henry Abraham, James Ceaser, and David O’Brien. He subsequently taught undergraduate courses in American government and constitutional law and history for twenty-two years, one at Tulane University and twenty-one at the University of Arizona. He retired from Arizona in December 2007 and moved back to Charlottesville where he teaches a wide range of courses for the Department of Politics and for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UVA. His research has centered on American constitutional history, especially the theories of James Madison.

Assistant Professor, General Faculty

S164 Gibson Hall
Office Hours: F 2-4pm. When it is over 70 degrees and sunny, office hours are held on the East Lawn in front of rooms 21 and 23. When the weather does not cooperate, office hours are on Zoom at https://bit.ly/3lc6ATe. Individual meetings by request.