Woodrow Wilson

Department of Politics

Political Theory Colloquium 2013–2014

Evan Farr, Politics, University of Virginia
Compromise and Dissent: Toward a Model of Imperfect Legitimacy
Discussant: George Klosko, Politics, University of Virginia

Rainer Forst, Political Theory and Philosophy, University of Frankfurt
Two Pictures of Justice

Claire Timperley, Politics, University of Virginia
Constellations of Indigeneity: The Power of Definition

Discussant: Jeffrey Olick, Sociology, University of Virginia

Cristina Beltran, Social & Cultural Analysis and Latino Studies, NYU
“Latino Conservatives: Right Wing Aesthetics and Representative Claims”

Discussant: Denise Walsh, Politics and Women, Gender & Sexuality, University of Virginia

Friday, 25 April, 2014
S296 Gibson Hall (2:00 pm)
Mark Reinhardt, Political Science, Williams College
Vision's Unseen: Sovereignty, Race, and the Optical Unconscious

Discussant: Colin Kielty, Politics, University of Virginia