Woodrow Wilson

Department of Politics

Political Theory Colloquium 2014-2015

Stephen White, Politics, UVA
A Democratic Bearing
Discussant: William Sbach, Politics, UVA

Shatema Threadcraft, Political Science, Rutgers
How to Write On Kinky Hair: Choice, Cultural Inscription and Embodied Black Femininity
Discussant: Tammy-Cherelle Owens, American Studies, University of Minnesota and Research Fellow, Carter G. Woodson Institute

Callum Ingram, Politics, UVa
Democratic Materialism and the Paris Commune of 1871
Discussant: Ekaterina Makarova, Sociology, UVa

Jeanne Morefield, Politics, Whitman College
The Political Theory of Counterpoint: Reading Edward Said
Discussant: Murad Idris, Mellon Fellow, Columbia University and Politics, UVA, Fall 2015

Ross Mittiga, Politics, UVa
Rawls, Intergenerational Justice, and Climate Change
Discussant: Paul Morrow, DeOlazzara Fellow in the UVa PPL Program

Simone Chambers, Political Science, Toronto
Discussant: Charlee Tidrick, Politics, UVa