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2020-2021 Funding Opportunity information has been added to a Collab site for Chairs, Directors, and Department Managers.  If you have questions about a specific funding opportunity, please email

JULY 2020

•  P&T Committee formed / confirmed



•  Promotion & Renewal 2020-21: AGFM [email to Chairs & Directors]
•  Departments confirm or correct list of P&T 2020-21 candidates' names [due]



•  P&R 2020-21 candidates' names [due to Dean's office]



•  3rd-Year TT and 2nd-Year AGFM Reviews [call]
•  AGFM up for promotion [case materials due]



•  AGFM up for contract renewals [case materials due]


MARCH 2021

•  3rd Year (Tenure Track) and 2nd Year (AGFM) Review Materials [due]


APRIL 2021

•  "P&T: Getting Started" email for 2021-22


Mar 10, 2021

Faculty Processes

5th Year Check-Ins


  • Department Chairs are responsible for checking in with Associate Professors in their fifth year (since tenure).
  • Regarding promotions from Associate Professor to Full Professor: "Although time in rank is itself not a sufficient criterion for promotion, departments should conduct a review no later than at the end of the candidate's fifth year in rank at UVA to determine whether or not it would be appropriate to develop a formal promotion case for consideration by the Dean. If in the judgment of the department the candidate is not ready for promotion consideration, the department should make recommendations to the candidate for further professional and scholarly development, and should reconsider the case at regular intervals."
  • The conversation between the chair and faculty member should be documented in the "Memo of Conversation".


Expedited / Off-Cycle P&T



  • Considered on a case-by-case basis, as case file is submitted to the dean's office.



Promotion and Tenure



  • mid March - Getting Started email sent to departments, regarding getting started on P&T cases files to be sent to the Provost the following spring 
  • late August - Candidate Confirmation email sent
  • early November - ​deadline for case materials to be submitted the dean's office
  • early February - Dean's Committee decisions made; case files sent to Provost 

Promotion for Academic General Faculty Members



  • August - Getting Started email sent to departments, regarding getting started on Promotion cases files to be sent to the Provost the following spring
  • mid September - deadline for candidates names due to the dean's office
  • mid December - deadline for case files due to the dean's office
  • March - Dean's Committee decisions made; case files sent to Provost

Renewals for AGFM and Tenure Track Faculty



  • August: Getting Started email sent to departments
  • October: Candidate Confirmation email sent to chairs and department managers
  • February: case materials due to the dean's office

Retirements and (when applicable) Emeritus nominations

Process [Please note these process steps are currently under review / a work in progress.]

  • Faculty member sends Department Chair letter of retirement intention.
  • Chair reviews and forwards retirement intention letter to divisional Associate Dean.
    • If the faculty member is eligible for emeritus status, the Chair should also send the Associate Dean the faculty member's current CV and an emeritus nomination (inclusive of a biographical statement). The biographical portion of the nomination letter will be included in the Provost Office's annual Emeriti Booklet.
  • Associate Dean reviews and forwards information - with approval note of emeritus nomination, if applicable - to the Faculty Affairs Specialist (FAS).
  • Dean's Office writes a retirement acknowledgement letter to the faculty member and sends the letter, with cc to both Department Chair and Department Business Manager), through DocuSign. 
  • Department Manager keys retirement information into Workday, to ensure it will come up in the Provost report for the BOV docket draft of Faculty Personnel Actions.
  • The Emeritus nomination will be forwarded by the FAS to the Provost, for approval, to ensure that also will come up in the Provost's BOV docket draft of Faculty Personnel Actions. 

Sabbatical / Sesquicentennial Leave ("Sesqui")

The Sesquicentennial application process takes place in the fall of the academic year preceding the academic year during which the Sesqui will be taken.

Eligible faculty include:

  • Tenured faculty members who, when the Sesqui leave begins, will have completed ten full-time teaching semesters since their last Sesqui
  • Tenure-track faculty members who are completing their fifth and sixth semesters of teaching at UVa during the current academic year and who wish to take Sesqui leave during their fourth year (known as "Fourth-Year Associates")

For more information visit: Call for Applications: Sesquicentennial Associateships 2021-2022


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