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Rowland Egger

Rowland Egger was a member of the Politics Department—at that time, the Department of Government and Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia.  He lived from 1908 to 1979, and left a legacy to the Department.  His main field was public administration, and he was author of many important books, including The Organization of Peace at the administrative level  (1945) and Research, Education, and Regionalism: The Bureau of Public Administration of the University of Alabama, 1938-1948,  (1949).  Although his field was public administration, his generosity has allowed the political theory program at the University to bring a series of distinguished speakers to the University, to deliver Rowland Egger Memorial Lectures.

Egger Speakers

2018 Elizabeth Anderson
2016 Jennifer Pitts
2014 Michael Rosen
2012 Danielle Allen
2009 Charles Larmore
2007  Bonnie Honig
2005  James Tully
2003 Robert Pippin
2001 Quentin Skinner
1999 Amy Gutmann

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